Mount image file just like a Windows 8

If you like the build-in mount ISO image by Windows 8, you can fell the same thing in Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP.

Stop using

Can all blogger owner stop using adf[dot]ly or something redirection page with ads?

Fix hidden file

Welcome back!

After a long time we didn't post a new article, today I want to share a solution for your file are hidden by virus or something else. Usually you will face this on your flash drive are plugged into a computer that might be have some virus, this virus called worm.

I don't want to write much more, firstly you have to open your folder that contain your hidden file (I know you can't see your file right now or maybe just have useless shortcut on there). On explorer window, click Tools --> Folder Option (on windows 7 you must hit alt key first), on Folder Option window click the View tab. On Hidden File and Folders option, choose Show hidden files, folders and drives. Once you have finished, find Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and just uncheck it. Click Apply and followed by OK.

Step flow

[SOLVED] Fix USB Flash drive write protect

Some USB flash drive will get this error. I don't want to mention brand here,

I found some article to fix this error, but not work even one. In the mean time I found this utility to format your write-protect USB flash drive on my USB flash drive websites after I bought it to replace my current USB drive that's get this error.
On the time I just try and I wonder this utility might be a solution on this problems. Oh yeah, it's work, (little shocked) so today I want to share this small utility but can solve your big problem.

(click on the picture to view in full size)

I want to make this simple:

IE still relevant!

It took a long time rest since my last post. So I checked stats of this blog. Here the screenshot. (click the image to view in full size)

I was wondering Chrome users become rise. However, IE users still exist.
This situation make me complicated to think what to do to this IE users even IE users got notice that they will be not able to see this blog perfectly if they continue to using IE. Just because this blog using "Home made template".

So I decide to make some tweak to this template and do some change on my coding. and I also try to make this blog more cross-browser in other mean browser friendly in case IE now supported HTML5 and some CSS3 code (IE 9 and 8).

And the result, this blog now fully supported for IE users. Now IE is welcome :D (but I'm not remove IE notice for some reason)