[SOLVED] Fix USB Flash drive write protect

Some USB flash drive will get this error. I don't want to mention brand here,

I found some article to fix this error, but not work even one. In the mean time I found this utility to format your write-protect USB flash drive on my USB flash drive websites after I bought it to replace my current USB drive that's get this error.
On the time I just try and I wonder this utility might be a solution on this problems. Oh yeah, it's work, (little shocked) so today I want to share this small utility but can solve your big problem.

(click on the picture to view in full size)

I want to make this simple:

- Download this tool here (Mediafire).
- Extract using winrar or winzip (if you don't have, just google for it).
- Open the formatter, You will see something like this.

just click Format. In this case you can backup your files before continue.

- Wait until done.

It might take a few minute.

Formatting complete.

- To make sure you get your original disk space, do a regular format.

Right-click to your USB drive icon and click Format...

- Make sure to click on Restore device defaults.

Click on Start

- On this warning jus click OK.

- Now format is complete.

Click OK.

Now, your Flash drive is just like a brand new :D

Leave your comment here if something goes wrong happned. Have a great day!


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